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Healthcare Business Analyst Training

Healthcare Business Analyst Training
At Ingenuous Consulting Inc. we provide Domain Specific Business Analyst trainings for current and prospective consultants. Our trainers are experienced and effectively trained to ensure the most effective knowledge transfer process. All of our Healthcare Business Analyst trainers have hands on experience in the Healthcare and Insurance Industries. 

Our healthcare business analyst classes are focused on the 80% - 20% teaching concept. Meaning that our class material and content constitutes of 80% practical knowledge and 20% theoretical knowledge. We specialize in 'Real Time Situation' analysis. Understanding Healthcare concepts can be quiet difficult unless a consultant understands how a Claim Engine works, and what is the life cycle of a claim. In our training classes, our candidates are exposed to Real Time Claim Processing Applications and Business Scenarios. We strongly believe that Sufficient Practical Knowledge and exposure is the best Teacher in todays world. 

Healthcare Professionals are high in demand and in the current market, a Business Analyst needs to have the right mix of business analysis, job hunting and domain specific skills in order to get the 'dream job'. Without domain knowledge, a Business Analyst can not stand out among a group of highly competitive consultants. The same way, without adequate Business Analysis skills, a domain expert can not beat the competition of the current market. Contact us to find out about our next demo class! Send an email to for further inquiries. 

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